Business consulting services

Business Licensing Applications and Proxy Services

Business Licensing Applications and Proxy Services

1.Service Description

・Our administrative scriveners assist in obtaining business licenses for a range of industries in Japan.

・From research into the regulations, negotiating with government authorities to drafting and submission, our office would explain and support you in fulling your compliance obligations.

・Our office handles both ad-hoc cases as the client request and also being the manager for all licensing matters for a company.

There are more than 15,000 types of business licenses and governmental approvals in Japan, growing around 1,000 by the year. We will try our best in providing support even in new and/or uncommon industries that we may or may not have experience in. We hope to hear about your business ideas and support you in making them realities.

2.Service Examples


Licenses for construction, real estate and architectural businesses

・The client is a residential property developer that’s part of a large corporate group. We have been entrusted with obtaining the necessary licenses for their construction, property and architectural businesses as well as subsequent renewal and maintenance.

・Often, when there is a change of registration for one of the business activities, it is required that all the connecting business licenses be updated also. Therefore, our office gives detailed advice with the whole business operations in mind.

・We also hold seminars on the laws and regulations for the company employees as part of their professional development.


Licenses for logistics and warehousing businesses

・We assisted a major convenience store chain with creating a logistics system. We gained the licensing required for the client to operate their deliveries as well as warehouse storage in all prefectures of Japan.

・Thanks to the client’s cooperation, we were able to work closely with the client in confirming the licensing requirements, discuss the future risks and finish this large matter with mutual collaboration.


Licenses for a second-hand shop

・The request came from a foreign business owner starting a second-hand shop in Japan. We explained the regulations and application procedures in English and guided the client through the unfamiliar systems.

・We continue supporting the client with changes in registration after the initial license was obtained. Ensuring there is no hindrance in the client’s business operations.


Licenses for Disability Welfare Support Service

・The matter came from an NPO operating a support business for the disadvantaged. Our office helped them obtain the necessary licenses to operate career support and job assignment programs for those in their care.

・Mistakes in licensing matters have a direct impact on the financials for the business in the disability welfare support industry. Therefore, we had strict timeline management and ensured the licenses were obtained in time.

3.Fee Estimates

・Please feel welcome to discuss large and small group submissions. We would propose the most appropriate fee structure for your individual case and requests.

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